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An Austrian lakeside wedding - Margit & Albin

We had this special connection right from the beginning. When I received the first Email from Margit about their wedding it was basically crystal clear that we would rock this day together. And we did! The wedding took place in one of Salzburg's most beautiful venues, the Schloss Fuschl, outside on the terrace. It started with the civil marriage, followed by a kind of a "church" wedding but without being in a church. It happened actually at exactly the same place like the civil marriage which was a really nice idea as the guests didn't have to move somewhere else. I just loved being with them and we communicated without saying a word, almost like if we would have done this before, haha! :D

Thank you for being the nicest bride and groom a photographer can have - I cannot wait for having the next "Spezial Bier" on your lovely terrace with you!

PS: And thank you as well for the most beautiful wedding soundtrack from Florence and the Machine!

"I took the stars from our eyes, and then I made a map and knew that somehow I could find my way back"

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