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wedding couple up to the their neck (no faces), she's holding a bridal bouquet, they are standing in front a light blue house
Bridal Bouquet with camomile and a blue bow



Yes, I do! I've heard these three magic words quite a few times in my life

and I seriously can't hear it often enough. 

I shot my first big wedding back in 2012. It was my cousin Verena's wedding and even though I didn't have much experience she trusted me completely and needless to say, I was terrified! 

It's still a miracle to me how I managed to take those lovely photos in

low light conditions. One of them she has printed in approx 3x2 meters and it hangs in the staircase of their family home. So everytime I come there this massive piece of art reminds me of how everything started.

 I have a degree in photography and to be completely honest it was quite challenging starting something new at the age of almost 30.

BUT - I would do it all over again.


The beautiful things I've learned about film photography, developing and different developing processes I will treasure forever in my heart and mind. Fast forward 11 years and many many weddings later I still love the drill, even though I'm not doing 30 weddings per years anymore.

Also, if you booked a wedding photography package with an engagement shoot included, it's a perfect way to get to know your wedding photographer!

The couple photoshoot on your actual wedding day will be less stressful, 
as you will know the drill already by then!

I'm totally in love with vibrant wedding photography, an intimate Town Hall wedding followed by a relaxed reception. There's no limited number of weddings I'm taking on per year, it simply has to feel right.

But this category is not only about weddings - it's about people in love, even if you don't have intentions to get married!


What's your LOVE STORY?

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