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A handful of love...

... and a heart full of joy.

For obvious reasons, it's been a while since I had the honour to visit a small new family member at home. I honestly couldn't wait for that to happen again. Besides weddings, cosy home stories are one of my most favourite things to photograph.

Lila's parents mentioned that I was actually the first person she saw in real life since she was born. Even though not even two weeks old, Lila watched every step I made and looked me directly in the eyes, curious and totally awake.

These very first weeks in a baby's life are so precious. Everyone is still completely overwhelmed and there's something new every day. You slowly get to know this tiny little person and in the blink of an eye, she's suddenly doing her first steps. Ok, I am talking about my own family now .. haha

Thanks to all three of you for trusting me and inviting me into your home. It meant a lot to me, especially after all these months of social distancing.

Lots of LOVE from Hammersmith


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