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Little Ben

When Claudia called me last year to ask if I'd take photos of her little one when he arrives I was actually a bit speechless. Claudia was always a bit of a role model for me. She was the very first person who took me along to a photoshoot approximately 12 years go. We spent the whole afternoon taking photos at a local garden center using a Hasselblad camera. I had no clue about anything but I loved every second of it. Even though I had no idea what I'm doing she was kind, calm and patient all along. She blew me completely away with her knowledge about photography and with having her in mind, I eventually started my journey of becoming a professional photographer. The fact that she chose me to take photos of her little Ben made my heart jump and I can't thank her enough for trusting me to capture this very special time for her little family.

Thank you!


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