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Frances Lane - Humanist Celebrant in West London

Growing up, I didn't care much about being religious and in fact, it stayed like this until today. I'm not married and even though I took an incredible amount of

beautiful wedding photos in churches over the past 12 years I would never go for a catholic ceremony at my wedding (this is just hypothetically, I am not getting married lol). So if you are non-confessional but still like the idea of having a festive ceremony at your wedding or any other event, the best idea is booking a Humanist Celebrant and by accident I know the best one in town - Frances Lane.

In her own words: "Humanist ceremonies are all about individuality and LOVE. So, in essence, a humanist ceremony is a celebration of love – of a partner, a loved one, of family and friends, and of life itself. That love of our one life is the foundation of beliefs of humanists." I LOVE that.

You can book her here and I promise you she's the kindest and loveliest person you can possibly imagine and having her at your event will be an amazing addition to your special day. For her branding photoshoot we had a little stroll around Shepherd's Bush as we both love the area and you can always find some amazing hidden spots.


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