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Valerie & Richard - A super stylish Marylebone Town Hall Wedding

It was my first time on an english "Wedding double decker" and I loved every second of it! Happy faces all over the place and one of the most easy going little crowd I've ever had. The ceremony took place at the beautiful Old Marylebone Town Hall and from there we made our way (a few glasses of champagne on the bus included) to the B&H Buildings in Farringdon for Valerie & Richards wedding party. I have to say that the set up at the restaurant was within my personal top 5! The Flower Factory - you did an incredible job and I will definitely recommend you if one of my future couples are looking for a florist. On a side note: The whole area around the restaurant was packed with caravans and trailers and soon we sensed that there was some filming going on and you know what? They filmed the new India Jones! Valerie & Richard, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your trust and kindness. All the best for the future!

Old Marylebone Town Hall

B&H Buildings The Flower Factory

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