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Cheng & Christian - A Romantic Wedding at Chelsea Old Town Hall

Why did I write specifically romantic? Well, Cheng and Christians wedding was very last minute as it wasn't sure if Cheng would be even able to come to the UK due to the Covid restrictions in her home country. They were finally able to move together after 3 years of long distance relationship and if this isn't romantic then I don't know what! Maybe some of you know that my partner Robert has an All-Day-Brunch Restaurant in London Chelsea named Charlotte's Cloud - after our daughter Charlotte. It's located next to the Chelsea Old Town Hall in Kings Road and perfect for small Wedding receptions. Well C&C decided to celebrate at Charlotte's Cloud and I was the one who took the wedding photos - a family affair!

One thing I really loved was when C&C came out after the ceremomy, their family had prepared a huge bed linen with good wishes on and they both had to cut a heart through it with tiny nails scissors. Christian is german and this is very much a German/Austrian tradition, I never saw it here in the UK and it brought back nice memories of all the Austrian Weddings I've had back in the days. There is this saying that there's an ideal customer for every photographer but like always in life, this doesn't work out 100 % of the time. But what I can say is that in an ideal world, I would only have clients like Cheng & Christian. Relaxed, laid back and on the wedding day they almost treat me like part of the family.

It was such a pleasure meeting you and getting to know your beautiful family and friends, I'm sure we'll see each other again.


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